Belly dancing helps

My husband says that if I “believe” then good things will happen for us. I do agree with the power of positive thinking, but every time I try to say “I AM pregnant” it sounds more like a question than a statement. I guess if you have been on this journey for so long, it’s hard to visualize something that seems so far away.

But sometimes, when I close my eyes and relax, I can see two little glowing pearls deep inside me. Two, beautiful lovely orbs of light. This is bigger than any word, any hope. Any question.

And belly dancing helps! I highly recommend this to all the gorgeous women reading this. Get up in the morning and make up your own belly dance. Celebrate the roundness of your hips and the shape of your body and play some music you love and DANCE. Dance for yourself. Dance for all your wisdom and great potential. Make up the moves as you go along. Just dance.

This I do for ME. I started it once I went on crinone (progesterone) to help prevent miscarriage, and my Doctor said it stays in place best if you are active. So I made up a little dance I do each morning to OWN this situation and celebrate it MY way. My dance is somewhere between a belly dance, a hula and something you might have seen at woodstock.

I did it for my husband this weekend. He calls it the Crinone Dance.

Whether it helps me keep this potential life moving inside me or it’d just another way to lift my spirits, it seems to be working.

Try it.

Wishing you joy, peace and love.

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