The Little Engine that Could…

“I think I can-I think I can- I think I can-aaaaarrrrrgh!”

It’s a gorgeous friday morning here and the birds are calling outside my window. The Boston commuter traffic is still hushed, but soon it will resemble a soft, metallic roar. I can see Tobin Bridge and the Bunker Hill Monument from my window.

This solitude distracts me from the remains of the day. In a half hour I will dress, shower (hopefully) and go get a blood test, ending my two week wait. It’s only been two weeks since IVF and it feels like forever. I’m nervous for the outcome of this test ….I want a break a trend in our test taking and get some favorable news this time.

I’m sorry. I wanted this to be a funny (or at least charming and irreverent) post today, but I don’t have it in me.(Chuga Chugga Chug). Maybe if I count my blessings I will see it in a different way….When my beloved niece was born, my sister would sit with her in her arms and ask her to count her blessings. Since she really couldn’t talk, much less gurgle,  my sister would tell her all the beautiful, wonderful things she had to look forward to, and the things in her life she would one day value. “You are healthy, you are beautiful, you are loved…” Sometimes it is so simple. So important.

Maybe I’ll adopt that mantra today (I’m sure my baby niece won’t mind), instead of “I think I can (get pregnant)- I think I can (make it through the day)”, I’ll say simply this…. I think it’s true for all of us:

“I am healthy. I am beautiful. I am loved.”

Make up your own mantra for the day. At the very least , it’s something we can do for ourselves to speed our caboose along.

Wishing you joy!


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