A Poem and A Wish

It is a glorious  autumn morning in Massachusetts. The way the light falls slatways across the tress is amazing. I always feel that G-d is a little closer on days such as this.

I wish you a wonderful day that brings you closer to Your truth…


A Poem (from NPR’s The Writer’s Almanac this week)


Everything Is Beautiful from a Distance, and So Are You


by Michael Blumenthal



The young clarinetist, playing Mendelssohn’s Sinfonia #10 in B-minor

in back of the orchestra may be exceedingly beautiful, it’s hard to know

from here, just as I, to her, may be gorgeous myself and the day, in

retrospect, divine, as all the past loves of my life have been, and that boring

evening in County Derry as well, oh yes, they are all beautiful, now, when

I look back upon them, as, no doubt, my life will seem from some calm

and beautiful distance, some rapturous perspective, but here in the here

and now let me say that it’s midafternoon, my lover is on her way over,

it’s been a long chilly day in Budapest, what I thought was a herniated disc

is not, after all, a herniated disc, Mozart’s 250th is behind us, as is the 60th

anniversary of Bartók’s death, and it is only James Taylor on the stereo—

sweet, sentimental James—and I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks

of my taste or emotional proclivities, I only know it’s Thursday and in

an hour I’ll be making love, and, looking up at me from the pillow,

my lover may or may not consider me beautiful, or even desirable,

but the deed will be already done, the evening before us, there

are roasted red peppers and goat cheese in the refrigerator, I’ll be

as far from death as a man can be, oh can you imagine that?



“Everything Is Beautiful from a Distance, and So Are You” by Michael Blumenthal, from And. ©


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