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We had our first girl-power mixer for the RubyFeather Social Club last night and it was AWESOME. I never met so many  women who I would totally love to be friends with. It was wonderful to hear the stories of others and share strengths and support. I believe that everyone left energized and hopeful, really feeling this if they had sisters on the journey toward motherhood.

In addition to that I can proudly say I DID IT!  I gave myself the menopur shot this morning. Yes, I was still sweating and a little nervous, but I played some Joss Stone tunes and did a little power dance before I plunged the needle in my belly. Hooyah! I can’t believe it, but I felt EMPOWERED! I had control over something for once. I think I am going to take the syringe away from my husband, and do it myself more often.

On a funny note, the Bear left me the HCG needle instead of my teenie 30 gauge one. I was mixing the solution and getting ready to add the needle when I thought- Cruel joke! What was he trying to do? Kill me???? Once I found an appropriate sharp (a wee dwarf of the HCG needle,) it seemed like child’s play.

A big thank you and cyber hug to everyone who has left me a comment. IT’S HELPING!!!!!

Go ladies go! Let’s make some cute babies around here!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Go needle master! whoohoo!


  2. Posted by Alexicographer on November 17, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    LOL. Yes, I do my own PIO shots too — it IS empowering. Next time someone’s being a jerk to you, just think to yourself, “Ha! I bet *you’ve* never given yourself a shot in the belly!” You go!


  3. Wonder Woman, da na da da! (Sorry, every time I see a picture of Wonder Woman, the theme song goes through my head!) Good job you!!


  4. Go girl power! glad your ruby feather meet up went well and congrats on giving yourself the shot. I have always had to do mine myself as my DH is so needle phobic that he can’t even look at the needles or be in the same room as me when I’m injecting. And he calls himself a man!


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