Make it a Dozen!

I have 10 egglets so far! Just little seedlings of things to come but the RE said it’s very promising. They lowered my stim meds because my estrodial level was soaring too quickly. They called me a high responder? Sounds like the nerdy kid at the front of the classroom with her eager  hand up in the air  (yes that WAS me! Nerdy girl).

I just wish that the quality of my old eggs matches my body’s enthusiasm.


To have found love at 40 and be trying to conceive at 41. It’s kinda crazy. I have colleagues at work with pre-teens with body hair. But hey, I always imagined I’d be successful and unattached, travel the world and have many lovers. I was lucky in the regard that I DID get to live the life I longed for. I checked off many of the boxes on my life-list and eventually I decided to rewrite my list. I remember telling a friend, who was struggling in an unhealthy relationship, to figure out where he wanted to be on the day he died, and work backwards. I realized I needed to heed my own advice and decide what stories I wanted to have at the end of my life. 

That story led me to where I am today. 

If I am indeed “working backwards” than I know intuitively what I hope lies ahead. I don’t know how I will get there yet, but I am happy to be on this journey toward a deeper truth.

So my 10 little egglets are making their way in the world. The Bear came with me to the ultrasound today but I couldn’t stop laughing when it was time for the dildocam. There’s something about your lover seeing you with your legs in the air and a plastic probe under your gown that really makes you self-conscious (you THINK!!!!). And the gown- Jeezus- that’s the first thing I’d like to redesign! How bout something RED and fabulous for all of us strong, mighty bitches out there!

(I mean bitches in the nicest way- if you are on meds I am sure you know that!)

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  1. hehehe! As a kid, I would love to have a parent who has no regrets. Somebody who lived and did what they really wanted to in life and then had me. So, where you’re at is still great! Yay, for the nerdy girl in the front! Being a poor responder, I am desperately jealous of those who have high estrogen levels! 🙂 Go little eggies!


  2. Congrats on all those little eggies! Awesome!


  3. Good luck with all your egglets!



  4. Posted by lifebytheday on November 24, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Haha, I love it! There is nothing sexy or romantic about that ultrasound. ;-P Congrats though on your fabulous response to the meds – hoping that’s the sign of good things to come!!



  5. congrats on the 10 fab eggs so far! How fabulous!!!! Wish my clinic would call me an over responder for once (my ovaries are fairly lazy).


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