Three little stockings

18 follicles at time of retrieval. 8 developing embies as of yesterday. I hope hope hope the numbers stay good and we have some strong little ones for the transfer tomorrow. 

I’ve been so restless today. I can’t sit still. It’s a gorgeous day in Boston and I had to take off and get lost in TJ Maxx, only to buy a ton of stuff I don’t really need. I felt a little twinge as I walked past the children’s christmas pajamas. Even through I will NEVER dress my future child in sparkly gingham and lace,  it felt a bit like a them vs. us moment.

I did do something unexpected. I bought 3 Christmas stockings. Quite remarkable for several reasons:

1. I am  Jewish!

2. We already have some tacky holiday stocking somewhere in the basement.

3. There are only two of us, right now…..

I just couldn’t help it. They were surprisingly lovely. Heavy gauge sweater knit and crocheted in  beautiful patterns. For The Bear- a cream colored stocking of gorgeous cable knit with gold trim. For me, a funky stripe of red, pink, lime green and white. And for XXXXX, a sweet little red fairisle with red pom poms.

I thought it might be interesting to mount all three on the mantle. To fill the little one up with wishes and notes that we could save until there’s a new person in our family to read them to. Notes of love and wishes that they come into our lives soon.


On a different note, I have discovered a “cycle buddy” all the way in New Zealand. We write to each other and send some good energy across the pond. It’s Egghunt! Check out her blog. And if you are cycling with us, drop us a line. It’s been nice to stay connected.

I wish everyone reading this peace, love and good fortune.

Shell & The Bear

5 responses to this post.

  1. Wishing you all the best tomorrow!


  2. Good luck today Shell, I think it’s today, I’m guessing that we’re ahead of you here and it’s morning so you’ll be waking up today with a heart full of hope – sending luck and love for a successful transfer xxx
    P.S. I bought a knitted cat for our not-yet-conceived child a few weeks ago, just like you bought the sweet stockings – it puts our intention out there and I love your idea of filling it with notes of love and wishes…perfect!


  3. Hope everything is going well! I ❤ egghunt too! 🙂


  4. HI SHel
    SOrry I”ve been MIA, but am back now and catching up on all your antics. You really are a goddess at producing eggs arn’t you!!! So happy for you that you’ve got these numbers in the lab growing nicely. I have been thinking about you plenty over the past few days. Good luck.


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