What next, kankles?????

It’s 6:15 and I am roasting a chicken and making potatoes au gratin. I think the Bear could use a little comfort food. It’s amazing to me how a man can plant himself on the couch at 10am in elastic waist lounge pants and remain the the self-same position until dinner time. The Bear is stressed. I can tell by the way he sighs and his level of transfixed fascination while watching Legends of the Seeker between football games. 

I guess the Rooster waits through the 2 week wait, just as the Hen does. It’s OUR embies in there. Thus my need to nest and bake and his need for mindless distraction.

(Yes, sports fans, I DID just refer to Sunday Football is MINDLESS DISTRACTION).

While dressing this morning, I noticed dimples above my knees that I had never seen before. I don’t have kankles (yet)- but I have middle aged knee dimples!!!!! There tiny now, but wait!!! I guess that means that my thighs have grown and my knees are sagging!

Why should this bother me? Because the legs are said to be the last thing to go!!!!

Have you ever seen that picture of Demi Moore’s knees???? What a gorgeous woman, financing enough plastic surgery to keep the lights on in Beverly Hills. All tight, tones and siliconed, but the photo of her knees in the tabloid foretold her true age.

One thinks about age so much during this IVF  process. I’m 41. That’s 702 in egg years. Nonetheless I feel fantastic,

except for my knee dimples of course…. 


One response to this post.

  1. Knee dimples…Great now I had to look…Have a great week,

    Gerardine Baugh


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