Happy NEW Year!!!!!!

It’s a beautiful new morning of an exquisite new day of a fantastic NEW YEAR. Why do I say it’s a FANTASTIC new year when it’s only day 2? Because it’s NEW,baby!

It’s so fresh and ripe with possibilities. NEW is like getting a NEW haircut, or the most perfect bikini wax that makes you feel like your own version of a Victoria Secret model. NEW is like fitting into your skinny jeans- WITH ROOM TO SPARE. While I am nowhere near THAT on the skinny jeans front- thanks, IVF meds!- I can relish in the possibilities.

NEW is like actually going to the gym for a week straight (not me, yet) or finding a moment to read a good book by a fireplace.

NEW is reaffirming a love that’s been with you all along.


NEW is anything you want it to be……

I have written a post of two that are locked in the “vault” until we are back from our trip. The high speed internet service here is anything but. The Bear and I are in Pasadena, California, for a whirlwind holiday of family and friends. We’re going to see the Rose Bowl floats today, which I have longed to do since I was about 12 years old. Tomorrow we travel to Portland, Oregon, to check in on some friends, and some property we own. I guess I have to acknowledge that I won’t be moving back to Portland anytime soon, and that makes me a little sad because I love it so.

I do believe that if it did not rain for seven months out of the year , Portland would be the most populated city in the USA. It’s so lovely and hip and REAL. You can actually have an affordable life there and still eat fresh, organic food. : )

The Bear is snoring behind me on the Westin Heavenly bed. I think he’s a little dismayed that I found the INTERNET again. He’s had me all to himself for over a week!

I was trying to set up a TOP 10 of 2009 list for you, and I will do it when I get back. I attempted this earlier, but the internet just wasn’t speeding me along. Until then, please go over to my blogs CATEGORY CLOUD and check out IVF and The RED SOX and the postings from NEWLYWED DIARIES-YEAR 2. The SINGLE GIRL CONSIDERS ADOPTION and FILL YOUR CUP are also quite nice.

Sending you love.

What NEW do you want 2010 to feel like for you. “NEW is like….”


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh….you are in my hometown! From birth until age eighteen, I worked on some aspect of the parade each year from decorating floats to selling programs. 🙂 Loved it! I hope you enjoy yourself.

    New is like smell of the air after a fresh snowfall. That’s what I woke up to this morning. 🙂 Safe travels. Happy New Year!


  2. Hello my friend on the other side of the world
    New is like that excited feeling you get just before you unwrap a present. The anticipation is almost as cool as the gift itself.
    Looking forward to catching up with all your news when you are back home. Take care.


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