A letter to our family- week 10

Dear Family,

We are now in the middle of week 10 on the baby-creation front. Baby Beluga is now the size of a quarter from head to rump. He has eyelids and ears and all of his organs vital are developing quickly. If he’s a boy, he’s already developing testosterone. (Go mojo!)


We had the opportunity to see Baby Beluga on the ultrasound again yesterday. He looks very strong, with a big fluttering heart!


Mommy-to-be is still very tired, and experiencing much stomach upset. Luckily the nausea is subsiding and she has begun pre-natal yoga with some girlfriends in Boston. This weeks craving: milk and hot fudge sundaes! Last week- tomatoes! The week before- grilled cheese sandwiches! While mother-to-be is still eating VERY HEALTHY and has only gained a pound in the last 2 weeks, her midsection looks as if she’s wearing a tire around her belt! She is now at the “is she FAT or is she PREGNANT??” stage, and is sure everyone at work is wondering what’s up.


Luckily, Target and Ann Taylor Loft have some really cute and cheap maternity clothes and she has taken to wearing these on her BIG days. Mother-to-be is discouraged that her skinny friends, who are due the same month, don’t look as “robust” at this point! Maybe they don’t have as much gas in their bellies?


Father-to-be is working hard, and beginning his classes this Sunday. He takes good care of the family.


To view Baby Beluga’s progress, please check out the following link: http://similac.com/pregnancy/10-weeks-pregnant?wt=ln

 (Note: Contains ultrasound photos)

Much love,


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  1. Hey, I don’t know if you have ever heard of this or tried it, but you may want to look at freecycle.org (I think it’s dot org, anyway.. I’m sure a google search would bring it up). Anyway, if you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on maternity clothes, you can check out the site and see if anyone in your area is giving stuff away! The Daytona Freecycle group is always Offering/ Asking for baby stuff.. It couldn’t hurt, right? heh!

    Anyway, Happy ICLW and congratulations on the ‘Baby Beluga.’ I’ll have to keep reading to see how that came about, but it’s cute! =)


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