Fun Tips I Learned Today

Here are 2 additional Pontifications that I learned today….

1. There will be a time in your pregnancy that you will want to tell everyone for 2 reasons-

a. You are joyful.

b. You are starting to look more like the Michelin man, and less like the office hottie you once where. You suspect the FAT RUMORS are beginning to fly. Please DO NOT announce your pregnancy solely out of vanity. Yes, even if you do live in NYC and can no longer fit your sausage foot into your stilettos, you may have to fake it for a while! Try secretly wearing some attractive maternity clothes, or unbutton the top of your pants (your mom friends can show you how to make a lovely elastic tie out of a hairband, so your pants won’t fall down.) WEAR SCARVES- it will draw attention to your face, and people might not notice your middle as much. And if all else fails, you can pull a Christina Agulera, and just tell your fans and friends that you are CARBO LOADING for your next tour.

Make sure the time is right for you and your partner. Tell the people that you are close to, the one’s you would tell good or bad news to. Don’t bother to tell your office rival (Who can, undoubtedly, still fit into her choo’s) or anyone whom you have distate for. It’s bad juju for your good fortune.

On a good note, your skin is starting to change with the increased circulation and hormones, so your colleagues will either think you are GLOWING or that you’ve just had some great lovin’. A little mystery never hurt!

2. This is far less compelling than point 1 but it’s important to address. Yes, you will feel barfy up until the end of the first trimester. You may not actually expel anything, but you may have waves of nausea like those you might recall from that “lost weekend” in Cancun (?). TRY GINGER BEER. I swear by this. My hubby and I discovered this by accident. Ginger Beer is not Beer (unfortunately) but it is like an extremely strong ginger ale. Ginger has been known to calm the tummy, and the mixture of fresh ginger juice, sweetener and fizzy beer bubbles does wonders for you! You only need about 3 oz  or so and you are good as new. You can get ginger beer at Trader Joe’s or any fancy grocery store . Make sure it has at least 25% ginger in it, or your just drinking Schwepps. 

Any other fun facts in your arsenal? Feel free to leave a comment!

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