A lovely poem which was featured on the Writer’s Almanac on January 10th.



by Michael Dennis Browne



Today I explained telepathy to you,

         and telephone, and television,

                  on the way to day care,

and I said, sometimes when I’m at work 

         I’ll think of you,

                  and if I could send you that thought with my mind,

you’d get it right then, 

         and maybe you’d smile, stopping a moment at whatever

                  you were doing, or maybe not

but just going on with it, making a mask out of paper plates

         and orange and green cards

                  with markers and scissors and paste,

or screaming circles in the gym

         either being a monster

                  or being chased by a gang of them, but still you’d get

the picture I was beaming

         and you’d brighten inside and flash me something back,

                  which I’d get, where I was, and smile at.

That’s telepathy, I said

         pulling into the parking lot,

                  looking at you in the mirror. 

“Telepathy” by Michael Dennis Browne, from You Won’t Remember This. © Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1992.

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