Laugh until you pee

I have to tell you that my FAVORITE people , beside friends and family, are the ladies and gents that work the checkout at TRADER JOE’S. How and why are they so damn happy? They all seem highly educated and socially conscious, and more importantly, they are vastly eccentric and entertaining. Boston needs more of that!

Tonight, I met Russ at the checkout. While scanning my string cheese and hyacinths (only $4.99!!!!) we somehow broached the subject of awkward baby names. Russ told me that it’s illegal to name a baby a number – okay, technically you can SPELL out the number like “Four” or “Quatro” but you cannot name them with a numerical digit, at least for their first name. Okay…Well what about a symbol, we wondered. If the artist formerly known as Prince were to be born now, in 2010, would his parents be permitted to name him that squggly thing? What about Talula Does the Hula, a real child from Hawaii, who’s parents were forced by the courts to legally change her name? The courts said she would have a lifetime of ridicule unless her name was amended? Who decides these things?????

But then I thought of the ultimate in baby names- an EMOTICON. Wouldn’t that we AWESOME, to be able to name your kid : ) Smith, or (@)(@) Sanders? It would be truly unforgettable.

So thank you Russ, for not only teaching me how to bag my own groceries (which I am not very good at- but I did bring my own bags) but for giving me something to think about on my way home.

And one more thing…Russ turned me on to a new blog. Sleeptalkinman. This guy talks in his sleep and is so astoundingly funny! His wife jots it all down, and has even recorded bits. I was playing it for the Bear just now, and I nearly wet myself. It’s worth a click or two….

Happy weekend,

Shell & The Bear


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  1. hahaha…don’t you love the checkers at TJs? It doesn’t matter what part of the country you go to–they. are. awesome. I grew up in the city where the original one started and have seen them grow, grow, grow. Okay, enough obsessing. But I could really go for a Dunker. 🙂 Emoticons……lmao!


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