Shiny Face and Smiling Eyes

It’s funny, when you are pregnant, after NOT being pregnant for so long, you wonder if it can last? Will you be so blessed????

My belly is pretty big now…. I must admit,dear reader, that my belly was BIG to begin with! Meds and IVF seemed to have made it bigger. Now 3 months along, I look more like 5. But I have to tell you, it’s a beautiful, full busted, shiny face and smiling eyes kind of 5. My own personal fat seems to have swathed across my bump like icing on a cake. It’s definitely a different shape then when it was just me and my hamburgers, and I am wearing it proudly. I have to remind myself of this feeling, one year from now, when I will want to hide in my clothes again. No matter your shape, if you can own it with confidence, you own your beauty.

Off to a scheduled Dr.’s appointment. Nervous as always. Hopeful. Keep your fingers crossed……


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