Sending love…

I wanted to try to get a post in before my battery dies…

This is for YOU, yes YOU reading this. So often, we are overridden with complaints and bad news, but has someone told you that you look FABULOUS today ? That you are truly BEAUTIFUL!

(Yes, it’s true!)

I imagine there are many people who love you, even a handful or two that admire you. I am sure you are a sensational person with a lot of love and compassion in your heart. Maybe you’ve been through a rough patch lately, and really felt like you were being challenged…

Just know, that people (both seen and unseen) have their arms around you now, and will help support you through good times and bad. We are never truly alone.

I wish you happy, precious moments.

Bless you.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks, I was having a pretty rough day and it was nice to read your words of love. xxxxx Sending you some back too…..


  2. Posted by Shanel on February 17, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    When I read this post I was thinking, ” is this really meant for me?”… it’s been an emotional week so far so I really did need to read something positive…



  3. After feeling spread so thin this week, coming across this just made my heart smile. Thank you. You made my day.


  4. it’s a strange phenomenon, I’ve barely gained any weight (just started my second tri) but my husband has gained 6lbs. May he unrelated but still startling!!


  5. happy ICLW btw


  6. So sweet girl. Thanks.


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