Sugar and Swine

Happy ICLW ladies!

Here’s my day so far….


We had our 14 week OB appointment yesterday and it’s finally sinking in that this is REAL. It was the first time that we heard the baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler. My sugar and protein levels are normal and my blood pressure was great. The Down’s blood and ultrasound came back and we were so pleased to hear that our  chances for Down’s have decreased from 1:49 (just based on my age of 41) to 1:997. Dr. Feelgood said that was the same rate as a 23 year old- exhale!

This month, I have been thinking about what we would do if the baby were faced with Down’s or some other challenge. I have to admit that my position has truly evolved since this little thing has taken root in me. I feel so protective of Baby Beluga and just want to nurture her. While I pass no judgements on anyone who chooses to change the course of their pregnancy, or maintain it, based on negative genetic test results, I understand how very very difficult this path is. Right now, I would lay my life down for this little being. I cannot explain how much I have changed…

I was so happy that the Bear could be with me for the Dr.’s visit. He is beside himself with this news, and I think he will make the most wonderful Papa.


On a sad note, the Dr. confirmed that I will require a scheduled C-section after looking at my operative reports. Several years ago, I have some tennis ball sized fibroids removed and they had to cut through the uterus at it’s thickest part. Bless Dr. Feelgood for actually reviewing the operative reports with us, and not just assuming I would need a C! I feel much better after she explained. It seems that some women can do a vaginal birth after C-section, because the uterine wall is very thin when a woman in pregnant, and there is minimal tearing and scarring. I had a lot of uterine trauma due to my myomectomy and the risk  of tearing is very high. This has to due with the side and angle from which they performed the surgery. I bring this up because any woman who is considering labor after an invasive myomectomy can ask their OB to review their Operative reports, and formulate an individual birth plan with them. Don’t let your Doc. make any assumptions without reviewing your complete medical history.

So it’s a bummer that I can’t deliver like my momma did (well she was probably drugged out with dad in the waiting room way back then!). At least we KNOW, and feel that we were given a fair shake. Now I also know I can have Dr. Feelgood do the procedure, instead of the OB du jour who is on call when my water breaks.

Another yuck about today is that the Bear has a terrible bout of food poisoning. IT’S MY FAULT because I insisted that we celebrate the good Dr. appointment (and the fact that I have only gained 3 lbs) with greasy pork sandwiches at a local BBQ hut. Now he’s rolling on the floor in a terrible state, and I feel awful. I’ve never seen him like this! (I have to admit that at one point, I wondered if he had couvade syndrome – where the dad-to-be takes up the woman’s weight gain and symptoms- but after his night of tummy horror I realized it was legit.)

My very best to all of you! Sending love and good juju!

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  1. Posted by steph on February 23, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    Hey if you have any questions regarding the C-Section (or anything else) please feel free to ask. I had one with Emma since she absolutely refused to make any attempts what-so-ever at coming out on her own. She was just stubborn from the start. 😉


  2. Yay for Baby B! 🙂


  3. Regarding the C-Section, just remember its only the means to the end…in the end you will have your little one. I have had 2 C-Sections (my son was an emergency one; daughter was a scheduled one–which was so wonderfully excellently done). I was able to be close to both almost as soon as possible (son was in trouble, so I did not get to see him as quickly, but as soon as he was checked out, he was put in blankets and rolled out with me to post-op). If you have any questions regarding C-Sections, just give me a shout out.


  4. Sorry to hear about the c-section…but, I’m glad that your OB talked through it all with you so that you understand. That’s certainly a lot better than just deeming it necessary with no explanation!

    So very glad to hear that all was well at your appointment! YAY for hearing Baby Beluga’s heartbeat…it’s such a beautiful sound!!



  5. WOOHOO! YAY for a good scan! Sorry the hubs is down with the sickness. Mine had it a few weeks ago and it was TERRIBLE to watch.



  6. Glad your appt went so well! 🙂



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