Sunshine, Cupcakes and Giorgio

Why does life seem so much better when it’s sunny out?

Why do cupcakes on St. Patrick’s Day taste BETTER with green icing? Speaking of which, why do cupcakes taste better than cake, when they are really pretty much the same thing, only more cutified?

I’m not sure why I am musing on such things today, but it’s truly exquisite out, and I just want to dance.

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of our first date. The Bear and I actually met on : ) and our first outing was to see the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston. I remember that he wore a horrible green sweater on that said IRELAND, and he gave me such a tremendous bear hug that I felt immediately at ease. The parade was insane, but we took refuge from the madness at a local tavern and talked for hours. Throughout our talk, I still had my “beetle skin” on. It’s my career -girl “don’t get too close to me” defense mechanism when a cute guys tries to be too nice to me. Needless to say, we kissed on the doorstep, and there was definitely a second date….

Now our baby-to-be is 18 weeks in the oven, and I can’t believe our good fortune. I never thought I would marry anyone, let alone someone I love so much.

Next week, a few of the designers on my team are going to Milan to work with a famous couturier’ on a collaboration. This designer is truly someone I have idolized my whole adult life. He created a movement in the 80’s and is still an icon today. I think of him every time I put on something silky, or hear the words “power suit”.

I’ve met The Maestro before. He’s a small man, with tanned skin and a shock of white hair. He embodies elegance. When he comes into the room, the people go silent. I love working with his team because they are amazingly gifted and incredibly gorgeous. They have long, sultry names like those you’d find in a romance novel. Plus, their office is in a piazza in the centre of Milan. I guess it used to be the house of a nobleman. Sure puts my cubicle to shame!

I bring all of this up because my team is going to Milan, but I am not. I have chosen not to go – and to try not to fly until A.B. (after baby).As you transition from one stage of life into another , you have to give up a few things to make room for the new ones. This baby is my priority right now. I have been so run down, trying to “do everything” and I think I have been doing him/her a disservice. I don’t worry about the flight to Milan, but I worry about what state I will be in upon my return. Plus, the trip falls on my birthday, and it’s going to be a really precious birthday this year.

Milan will still be there. I keep telling myself. Hopefully, this collaboration will endure and there will be lots of great reasons to travel. Secretly, I have to say, it’s a little painful. Giving up the things you love so much, in place for others you love even more.

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