FutureMom’s Network. Join us!

I think I am going to set up a network for FutureMom’s in the Metro-Boston area. Why search for a playdate when you can hang out with cool chicks that you REALLY like. Maybe there will be cocktails involved at a later date….mmmmmm, I miss cocktails!

I am not sure if I will set this up via email, facebook or meetup yet, but if you are expecting in 2010 and interested in learning more, please contact me by posting a comment or send me an email through the ABOUT ME page on this blog.



2 responses to this post.

  1. I need to give you this book I have: The Three Martini Playdate. You would find it hillarious.


  2. Hi Shell, I am interested in a meetup once the babies arrive! Currently my life feels so overwhelmingly busy that I think I may be crazy for adding one more thing (which is one reason I had to drop off from RubyFeather), but once the baby comes I may be able to make some time. So count me in, with the caveat that I’m not always around 🙂 Thank you for organizing!


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