A Mother’s Love!


Awesome parents!


This was a “comment” from my mom on a recent post. I love that she reads these posts and is such a great friend, mentor and advocate. She made me cry….

My darling Sweet Pea, We love you so much and we are with you and Bear in spirit and thought.
We can’t wait to find out if I should start knitting in pink and blue. I think that thru your journey, all moms to be are anxious, happy nervous, have natural thoughts about their baby, and the what ifs..but believe me everyone does. The most magical moment is when you hold her/ or him in your arms you immediately have true love. I am not such a good writer, but everything is going to be great and you and Bear and your baby will be just the beginning of a wonderful and happy life.. and as the grandma to be I am so excited for you. Remember alway and forever, you will still be my baby..Love Mom

Hug someone you love today!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mommyinwaiting on March 24, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    Here from ICLW – how awesome for you to have your mom around giving you such love in her words. I hope your pregnancy is healthy.


  2. Very sweet. I’m glad you have such support and I think Mom is a superb writer.

    Happy ICLW!


  3. What a beautiful comment from your mom. Moms are the best! Best of luck with a healthy pregnancy. 🙂

    ICLW #28


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