Announcing…It’s a…..!

A letter to our friends….

We had our 18 week Ultrasound, which I was quite apprehensive about, but all was well! Baby Bear is doing fabulously!

We now have visual confirmation….


Jacob Thomas (aka- “J.T.” Or  “Jake”) is expected to arrive mid-August 2010. Daddy and Momma are still playing with the nicknames.

We chose this name for many reasons. It was my great grandfather’s name. He immigrated here from Russia at the turn of the Century.
Additionally, its quiet a versatile name – If he is a scholar , Jacob would be a fitting name.

If he’s a prized athlete, as was his paternal grandfather, J.T.  would look great on the back of his jersey (as per his dad).

If he’s a handsome, husky boy like his daddy, Jake would be a strapping name! : )

Please keep Baby Bear in your thoughts for a happy development and successful birth come August.

With love,

Shell and The Bear

6 responses to this post.

  1. CONGRATS onfinding out you’re having a baby boy.

    ICLW #33


  2. CONGRATS on your little guy!


  3. Congrats! Keep baking in there little bear!


  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy and for having a baby boy. Jacob Thomas is really cool name.


  5. Congratulations, Shell!


  6. what wonderful, wonderful news!!!


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