Dad’s Pregnant Too!

While standing on the cafeteria line today, a well-meaning friend said to me “Wow! You’ve really POPPED. You are REEEEEALLLY SHOWING.”

I’m only 5 months!

I don’t understand why ANYONE would think that’s a compliment. Sure, I am excited to be “with child,” but I have been working like a dog not to let myself completely go. In fact, I had a double serving of steamed veggies and arugula for lunch, even though I am having a serious food aversion to anything GREEN.

yes it's true!

I know on the outside, pregnancy is a lovely thing. But every day that I do yoga or fitness walking, I feel like there’s a bowling ball bouncing between my pelvic bones (really!). It hurts more after I power walk and sometimes it makes me concerned. I am sure this is all normal, and really I AM APPRECIATIVE for G-d’s little miracle here, but I don’t want to hear that I have POPPED.

So sad!

On a funny note- I am sneaking reads out of my HUSBAND’s BABY BOOK. It’s called “Dad’s Pregnant Too” by Harlan Cohen. In fact I bought it for the Bear because I loved it’s candor and brazen honesty. “Is this what men really think?” I asked myself? I’ve gotten through two hysterical sections. One was called “The Pregnancy Card” which is something SOME pregnant ladies do, to get out of things they don’t feel like doing. My favorite line from the author’s wife to her sleeping husband, “Can you get out of bed and get my cell phone charger from downstairs? I’m so tired and pregnant!” (Never me, I SWEAR. The Bear’s just better at folding the laundry!). The other section was “The First Meeting with Your OB” where the author is awestruck when the Dr. whips out a dildocam for the first ultrasound.

I love this book. It’s like being a fly on the wall in the boys locker room. Maybe now the “boys” are in their 30’s and 40’s, a little UP in years and trying to get their ladies pregnant, rather than preventing it. But boys will be boys, and I truly believe that we are hot-wired differently.

More on this great book later (I’ve got to sneak a few more peeks). But looking around, I found out this guy’s got a cute website  and blog too. Check it out.

Peace and love!


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  1. lol @ the book! I have to check it out now! 🙂


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