Dream House- a love story

The Bear just called me to let me know that our Dream house is going back on the market MONDAY. Let me please explain that this house has become our pastoral obsession. We drive by it with forlorn looks, as if approaching an unobtainable lover. We have even stalked the owner and the realtor, sending letters of speculation when it was first taken off the market last year.

It seems that our dream house was purchased by someone at the height of the market several years ago. This man paid top dollar, as was the norm of the time. A few years later , he goes to sell only to find that the market has tanked (a familiar note, unfortunately). He aims high and lists it for far too much, trying to recoup some of his losses. The house sits empty for a year with no one to love it. Eventually the man lowers his price. Still no takers. He finally gives up and gets a renter, leaving the FOR SALE sign in the yard for a few days.

Meanwhile, a couple drives  down a winding road with grand houses and modest New England cottages which are separated from the street by an old stone wall. They spot a red sign about a half acre off the street. Eureka! Beyond it lies a rolling hill and a long driveway that leads to an old Victorian farmhouse. There is a huge old Oak tree out front that seems to be standing sentinel. It appears to be least 100 years old and has a tire swing attached to it. The husband swears that he can hear children playing tag football in the front yard, even though no one is present. The wife envisions sunny rooms, wide plank floors and fireplaces. Maybe even a sunlit nursery for the baby they long to have…one day.

No signs of occupancy, but the house sags longingly as if it wished that it were lived in. It reminds the wife of her vacant womb, waiting ….”It’s just a house” she tells herself. But then she looks over at her husband, who is smiling silently as if deep in thought. “It’s far from the road,” he says. “So kids could play and we wouldn’t have to worry.” KIDS! she thinks.

She loves his hopefulness.

They call the realtor, excited to learn more about this Dream house. They are told it is no longer on the market. That the seller has withdrawn and it will be a year before it is available. That’s when they begin stalking….

Six months pass. The wife tells her husband to move on. “There will be other houses,” she says. She is surprised by his attachment to this place. The pictures and stories he has created in his mind about the Dream house. “It’s only a house!” she tells him. But to the husband, it’s a future. Something once unattainable.

During the course of their house obsession, they discover they are expecting a baby. Ups and downs on the baby making rollercoaster, and this time- it sticks! They find out it’s a boy. They chose a name in honor of her great-grandfather, who came to America as a young man in 1901.(He probably had dreams of a house like this.)

They decide to stay in the city for another year. They work on their small apartment, in the hopes of one day putting it up for sale. They try to appreciate what they do have, and even though their baby will be sleeping in a large closet, they will make it the most lovely closet ever. The wife has dreams of hanging a tree limb above the crib. She has a thing for trees…

Then one day the husband calls the old realtor. He’s not ready to let go of his dream. The realtor says the house is being cleaned, and will be back on the market in FIVE DAYS. The husband calls the wife. The wife (being a type A and seeing too many Sex in the City Episodes) tells him to see if they can get in a few days early.”It’s all about timing!” she says.”And luck!”

Sometimes things happen in your life right out of the blue. One day your womb is empty, and then (after much heartbreak, laughter and tears) it is full. One day you are single, and the next, you have a partner who loves you. One day it can all be taken from you. But today….aaaaaaah today.

Wish us luck… you never know what tomorrow might bring….

5 responses to this post.

  1. Oh! So lovely! I can’t wait to find out what happens! 🙂


  2. Posted by lifebytheday on April 14, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    So exciting!! Good luck 🙂


  3. Posted by Betsy on April 14, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    I love reading your blog — you are such a great writer. Your personality really shines through. Good luck with the house! And a big congratulations on your pregnancy. I am so happy for your and your DH.


  4. Best of luck!


  5. Posted by steph on April 15, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    So exciting!!!! Good luck and let me know exactly how it is.


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