The Ethics of a Legacy

I recently visited Dr. Feelgood for my 26th week OB appointment. In between questions about swelling feet and low carb diets, she started to speak to me about this book she is reading. It seemed rather fascinating so I did a little research. I just wanted to pass the information along as it seems like a deeply moving novel.

As I read more about this book of non-fiction, I think of the ethics of science vs. divinity. What is our truth and obligation toward one another? Toward the respect for life and a higher power? Toward racial and social equality?  If Mrs. Lacks (the subject of the book) were alive today, would she have been treated differently ? I certainly hope so.

I think about the subject of biomedical research and ethics, I reflect upon our own journey through IVF and all the questions of stem cell research that our doctors presented to us. Have we, as a diverse community of people, moved forward in the way we regard and preserve the value of life? I suppose that is for each of us to decide.

The book touches on so many issues. I would like to learn more about this woman and the time she lived in. It certainly makes me think of my humanity, and take a deeper look at things. 

Please let me know your thoughts…..


By Rebecca Skloot

Illustrated. 369 pp. Crown Publishers. $26

For a review of this book, please click here. BOOKS OF THE TIMES

2 responses to this post.

  1. I LOVED that book. It was fascinating, well written and extremely compelling. I could not put it down, and it really made me think in ways I hadn’t previously.


  2. Posted by Kristin on June 17, 2010 at 8:23 am

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have been recommending it to everyone I know.


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