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Fashion tips for the Mom-to-be


Topshop Maternity


For those of you working girls who like to stay on the cusp of fashion, please note that style does not end where the bump begins. You don’t need to HIDE in those frumpy maternity clothes! Some designer friends of mine just turned me on to Topshop Maternity. Topshop is a  trendy chain from the UK (Their male counterpart is called Topman). I just love love love their looks. Pair them with Essentials you can get from a more budget conscious store.

Some Spring/ Summer Trends  for the Fashionable Girl

Layering is key this season, so invest in some big, lovely spring sweaters, but pair them over skinny jeans, long fitted tops or leggings. Slim skirts over leggings look great too. The nice thing about pencil skirts is that you don’t have to buy them in a maternity store. Oftentimes, you can just size up on one with an elastic waist, like a DKNY staple, or an unconstructed skirt from BCBG, Zara or H&M. 

Layering from The Satorialist


Go for Color!


It’s all about bringing attention to you assets. Focus on what you love about you! If you want to bring focus to your face, wear colorful scarves or layer necklaces. If you have long legs, feature them with patterned tights or a cute skirt and bare legs.

The designers who work on my team say this season is all about “controlled volume”. If you still have a waist (count me out at 4 1/2 months of gestation), wear belts and sashes with your wardrobe boosters. If you don’t have a waist, or can’t find yours (like me) make sure you wear fitted tops under voluminous outer layers. Think portion control when you are trying to layer- don’t overdo it or you might have proportion distortion and look like a Gunny Sak.

Lines are cleaner and more minimal this season. Colors are either subtile and honest or bright. You have a full range to choose from. Wear what you love, and do so with confidence.

As ever...The Satorialst


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