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One thousand aaah’s : #1- second chances

Forgive me.

It’s been ages since I have written.
So very much has happened.

Jacob is now every bit a toddler. He’s charming and mischievous and full of love. The Bear has gone back to school to pursue a career in nursing. Our “new” old house finally feels like a homestead. It’s rough around the edges, dusty and cluttered, but warm and welcoming. No pictures on the walls yet. Maybe next year….

I left my job in February to begin my own design strategy consultancy. It was a hard decision, but I remain steadfast and open to what the future holds. I want a fresh start, a new page turning.

I have read that good things sometimes rise from ashes. In the forest, dense new growth often appears after a great fire. Sometimes it is sudden, sometimes it takes years, but the seedlings that spring forth seem intent on taking hold.

I feel that way right now. When I look out, I see promise where there was once was dark, dense undergrowth. I see blank space. Green, wet soil fortified by ash. What is to grow in this new open space?

It’s important for me to sit in gratitude. When I feel my most frightened or alone, I need to sit in my power and remember what I DO have.

I have decided to use this blog to make note of things worth cherishing. Perhaps it will hold meaning for YOU TOO. If you have a comment or something to add, I welcome your thoughts.

I’d like to get to ONE THOUSAND AHA’S. It starts with one:

1. SECOND CHANCES: The promise of unlocking one’s potential and living with mindfulness, passion and intent.

No day like today.


This one is for Betsy, who urged me to write again. Love you, sister.

My favorite post!

So many times, I have wanted to speak to you, to say “I understand…”

What’s on Your Hat?

A man lost his way while hiking in Joshua Tree National Park and was rescued six days later. He kept himself alive by staying still and writing his last wishes on his hat. He wrote love notes to his family and children, in the event that he perished.

What would be scribed on your hat if you wanted to leave behind something for your loved ones? What would you wish for ? How would you ask your friends and family to celebrate the life that you have lived?


I found an old raisin on the floor by the pack and play. At least I THINK it was a raisin…..

Dream House

Fingers crossed for good news….the promise of new horizons!

Gym Rat x2

I’ve made it back to the gym and I have to say that it’s changing my life. I learned through a prenatal specialist that cardio at least three times a week helps strengthen, enlarge and tone your placenta with increased blood flow. You gain an additional 50% of your total blood volume in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, that’s about 9 pounds of blood, and cardio will oxygenate this blood. It’s not just good for you, it’s great for your baby-to-be (even if you are not pregnant yet!). Mom’s who work out (that’s fitness walking , swimming or whatever your Dr. advises) often have babies with less fetal distress and lung capacity issues. So while you are eating and sleeping for two, you are working out for two as well!

I work as a Design Director for a global fitness apparel brand. I am by no means a Doctor. But I do spend a lot of time studying the physiology of the human body and it’s response to aerobic and anaerobic activity. Believe me, every little bit helps!

So if you are on the fence about getting to the gym, take a nice power walk out in the fresh spring air. Try to get to the point where it’s slightly hard to talk, but you could talk if you wanted to. Slow down if you get winded, and go for at least 20-30 minutes with an additional warm up and cool down. I swear it will make up for all the margaritas you are missing, and the trip on the rollercoaster you are not allowed to take. You will soon feel divine!!!

I’m thinking of taking up belly dancing next. I have always dreamed of this, but was too timid. Right now I feel more “woman” than I have in a long time, so why not celebrate it? It might be fun to don a few veils and shimmy to the drum.

Wishing you joy!

Announcing…It’s a…..!

A letter to our friends….

We had our 18 week Ultrasound, which I was quite apprehensive about, but all was well! Baby Bear is doing fabulously!

We now have visual confirmation….


Jacob Thomas (aka- “J.T.” Or  “Jake”) is expected to arrive mid-August 2010. Daddy and Momma are still playing with the nicknames.

We chose this name for many reasons. It was my great grandfather’s name. He immigrated here from Russia at the turn of the Century.
Additionally, its quiet a versatile name – If he is a scholar , Jacob would be a fitting name.

If he’s a prized athlete, as was his paternal grandfather, J.T.  would look great on the back of his jersey (as per his dad).

If he’s a handsome, husky boy like his daddy, Jake would be a strapping name! : )

Please keep Baby Bear in your thoughts for a happy development and successful birth come August.

With love,

Shell and The Bear

A Mother’s Love!


Awesome parents!


This was a “comment” from my mom on a recent post. I love that she reads these posts and is such a great friend, mentor and advocate. She made me cry….

My darling Sweet Pea, We love you so much and we are with you and Bear in spirit and thought.
We can’t wait to find out if I should start knitting in pink and blue. I think that thru your journey, all moms to be are anxious, happy nervous, have natural thoughts about their baby, and the what ifs..but believe me everyone does. The most magical moment is when you hold her/ or him in your arms you immediately have true love. I am not such a good writer, but everything is going to be great and you and Bear and your baby will be just the beginning of a wonderful and happy life.. and as the grandma to be I am so excited for you. Remember alway and forever, you will still be my baby..Love Mom

Hug someone you love today!

Sending love…

I wanted to try to get a post in before my battery dies…

This is for YOU, yes YOU reading this. So often, we are overridden with complaints and bad news, but has someone told you that you look FABULOUS today ? That you are truly BEAUTIFUL!

(Yes, it’s true!)

I imagine there are many people who love you, even a handful or two that admire you. I am sure you are a sensational person with a lot of love and compassion in your heart. Maybe you’ve been through a rough patch lately, and really felt like you were being challenged…

Just know, that people (both seen and unseen) have their arms around you now, and will help support you through good times and bad. We are never truly alone.

I wish you happy, precious moments.

Bless you.


Fashion Emergency!!!!

It’s 8:40 am here and I am having a fashion emergency. After some not-so-subtile prodding, the Bear has set up a lovely romantic evening for us in Boston. I like to think of the next 6 months as a long last hurrah, as I can imagine our lives will be very different come August. I bought a pretty red dress and I thought it would look really nice  (albeit a little cheezy for Valentine’s day). There’s only one problem. The dress is a maternity dress, a nice flattering cut with a pretty crossover neckline. It has an empire waist which comes just below the bust. From there down, it is very sleek (not fitted) but I can imagine that every bump and lump will show if squeezed too tightly!

Here’s the issue- what to do with my naughty bits!?? The only maternity underpinnings I have are loose black opaque leggings (which remind me of elephant legs, still wrinkling at the knees) or black spanx. But black with red? I will look like a knocked up Minnie Mouse!

I fumbled through my old drawers , looking for “old drawers” (pardon the pun). I found a pair of fishnets-     eeek-   and two pairs of VS thigh high stockings you need to wear with a garter. (Never worn, mind you). I tried to wear them without a garter, but they kept sliding down my large legs. I imagine sitting there, enjoying a nice mocktail, while my stockings creep down to my knees.

So I tried them on with a garter. A white lacy garter (also never worn) and a pair of black sheer stockings. I looked like a sausage link and the garter practically cut off my belly circulation. Just imagine THAT showing through a bright red maternity dress!

My bump is now obvious. I believe it’s because I had a belly to begin with, and the baby belly is kind of icing on an already round cake. But if you squeeze me in the middle with a wide elastic I look neither maternal and sensual nor sexy and appropriate. It’s such a bold move to wear a red dress in the first place (at least for ME, at least NOW) that it has to go off without a hitch.

There’s a maternity store in Cambridge that opens at noon, they must have pretty, nude hose. Then it’s off to meet my dear girlfriends for a quick laugh.

I do feel blessed by all this. I think I went almost 39 years without having a REAL Valentine, and this little bump only makes it even more special this year. I just want to look pretty, not like something out of a Disney musical.

Happy Valentine’s Day , everyone. Sending hugs!!!! Shell