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Hello !

I’ve just sent up a monthly social club for baby-makin’ ladies who would like to meet in a positive setting and share stories, encouragement and adventures. We will host monthly socials and  outings in the Boston area. All are welcome. 

For more information, feel free to email me at and be sure to check out the link below for event details:

New to Boston! RubyFeather hopes to engage and empower women who are experiencing the ups and downs of baby-making. We believe that we are stronger together, than individually. We are here to offer you some good energy, and some girl power. We meet up for coffee-talk, mocktails, mixers and outings. Whether you are single, married, gay, or straight, you are welcome. Whether your journey is through IVF, IUI, adoption, or the traditional method we encourage you to join us. We are not a “group therapy session” but a group of strong ladies who believe laughter and encouragement is the best medicine 

What we do:

Meet for cocktails and mocktails

Try new yoga studios

Take power walks

Kvetch (sometimes : ))

Share stories and strengths

Support, befriend and encourage each other


What we are not:

We have NO medical expertise whatsoever! Thus we will not administer any medical advice.

We are not a therapy session (unless laughter and fun are therapy!)

Please check us out and let me know what you think!

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