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Tuition for a Two Day Old!

There comes a point in a future mom’s experience when she realizes that life, as she once knew it, is OVER. I’m not saying that’s always a bad thing. I’m just saying that, in all it’s grace and poignancy, the life she will soon lead will be vastly different from the one she is leaving behind!

Perhaps today was an anomaly and I will have moments like this every full moon. But something changes in the final trimester of gestation, and you become a roadrunner on the highway of motherhood. Speeding towards…. Destiny!

Today, I spent several hours researching day cares in the hopes of  finding a good match for our unborn child. I interviewed (and was interviewed by) several program directors for (***). Let me just say that all of my professional experience had not prepared me for the conversation. I wonder if finding a suitable daycare is harder than scoring a nice date on Both require chemistry and a little self promotion. But in some ways, seems like a walk in the park compared to this! 

A year at some large facilities in the Boston area may cost as much as some folks make in that year. I wonder how people can manage all of this?

At least on, you pay as you go, and a friendly girl can make up her monthly subscription fee in free meals and cocktails. In daycare, an infant is in a nursery with 7 others, and one caregiver, and there’s no “free lunch” involved.

I asked about the fee for the program and they gave me the lowdown on the “tuition.” I love that they call it tuition, as if Baby Beluga attends their program and then goes on to Harvard. 

I'd be angry too!


And speaking of Harvard, I just did the calculations and a full year of daycare for a newborn in Boston (at a fully licensed childcare facility) is nearly 40% the cost of tuition and housing for a Harvard freshman. Take note ladies, a Bachelors program is approximately 4 years long, but daycare is FOREVER……

Goodbye acupuncture, goodbye beauty parlor, goodbye steak dinners. That life of disposable income- O.V.E.R.

I’m sorry, but out of sheer folly, I refuse to enroll my child in a program that seems so untouchable. What kind of diversity will he experience in a daycare academy such as this? I am sure there are more realistic alternatives.

Perhaps I have too much on my plate. But I won’t be serving junior with a silver spoon.