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Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Here’s my wish for you today!

May your womb be FULL

May your bladder be EMPTY

And may you never forget how friggin’ FANTASTIC you are !!!!!!!



Fortune Cookie Wisdom


May your week be filled with sweetness and light.

May you never forget how beautiful you are.




…..There is someone that loves you immensely.



Fortune Cookie Wisdom #2

Fortune Cookie Wisdom



You are beautiful and wise, and wherever HOME is for you, it shall be rich and full of love!


Do not fear the unknown, but go in head first and face your biggest challenge. You will be rewarded with strength, insight and a deeper understanding of your self.


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Wishing you happiness and love,


Your weekend fortune cookie….

I am sending good chi to all the gorgeous ladies out there who are hoping to move there life into new territory! I don’t care if you are married, single, gay, straight, rich or blonde. I don’t care if that push to move your life forward involves making a baby, landing a job or exploring something new in order to fulfill a deep curiosity. I just want to say that you should be PROUD of yourself. Sit in your POWER and know you are beautiful and wise.  That’s my weekend fortune cookie wish for you today!

Leave a comment…. or create your own wish…. as I would like to hear from you….