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Food for Thought

One thing I LOVE about New England is that even when the weather is frigid, the sun is usually shining. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest, where is rains for 7+months out of the year, I can appreciate these brisk, sun-swept days.I know that I should take some kind of power-walk right now (my office is very pro-fitness) but I’d much rather sit here, write you, and eat a small hunk of light cheddar and a whole wheat tortilla.

I realized today, as I made my way down to our sundry shop for a yoghurt fruit smoothie, why G-d may have given the job of childbearing to females. As much as I love my husband, I do believe that if a baby were growing in his belly, it would have to subsist on white bread, Papa Gino’s extra cheese pizza, coke-a-cola and Oreos. I can just imagine what our offspring would look like after birth- mottled, pallid skin, yellow eyes, quivering lips….

I’ve been eating so healthy. Taking joy in the fact that I’m nourishing our baby to be, when I am eating. But what will happen AFTER our baby is on the outside, exposed to so much stimuli? What will happen when Daddy stays home part-time to care for Baby Beluga? Don’t get me wrong, I think the Bear was meant to be a father and I think he will be an absolutely wonderful stay at home Papa. But it’s the food, and the TV, that tricks me up.

I asked him about it last night , after he passed up the gorgeous homemade veggie barley soup I made in favor of a pizza delivery. “How are you going to manage all this? How are you going to FEED HIM?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give him his strained peas.” he replied, adding a tablespoon of salt to his cheese pizza.


I know I should not worry. Things always work out. But I watch the Bear gaining the 10 or 20 that I am supposed to be adding on here! Call it sympathy pains, or whatever. I am at a loss.

Any advice ?


Post-script: After I wrote this, I called the Bear and said I was starting an intervention. He was worried that something had happened. I told him I was ending the weeknights of processed junk food. “You have to let me take care of you.” I said. “I am concerned about your health.” He agreed that he would make some changes, I feel so much better….

Creme de la Creme

If you have a moment- or thirty- please check out The Stirrup Queens List of “The Best of the Best” blog posts for 2009. The ALI community was encouraged to submit their favorite blog postings from their own websites. There is a wealth of beautiful writing, and stories of strength, hope and faith.  CREME DE LA CREME . My submission is #77.

I spent the day on the couch and floor nursing a bad back. I think I slipped a disk from some over ambitious house cleaning. I tried to take some “quiet time” and read some books on nutrition. There’s “What to Expect When You are Expecting,” by Arlene Eisenburg, which now seems dated and somewhat punitive. It’s a helpful book, but the author reminds me of a scolding schoolteacher whose methods seems to insight fear and intrepidation, rather than lightness, knowledge and joy, Then there’s “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy,” by Vicki Iovine, which I find hysterical, relevant and informative. It reminds me of an honest chat with your BFF about the stuff you wouldn’t DARE speak about to anyone else. What an enjoyable read.

There’s also a good recipe and nutrition guide called “The Healthy Pregnancy Cookbook,” by Jane Middleton. I love the explanations of what the proper foods and vitamins can do for a woman who is pregnant or trying to become pregnant. It really makes you feel empowered in your choices.

I’m feeling a bit out of sorts today. But hey, “Dr. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band” is on the tube, and if you ever need a pick me up. This is it!

Best of luck to everyone. Sending LOT’s of LOVE!!