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Yoga for Couch Potatoes

No woman wants to consider herself a couch potato. Let’s leave that concept to the boys. There is,however , a time and a place for relaxation. Perhaps yours takes you in front of the tv or computer- A LOT. Yes, with all the hours of web surfing at one’s disposal, couch potatoes no longer need to be rooted by the tv. We can make it to the laptop.

Being a couch potato myself, I can make jokes. But I wanted to let you know about a website I really like, that helps me (on occasion) get out of that rut.

It’s called YOGA LEARNING CENTER. I stumbled on it a few winter’s ago, and it’s become my “go-to” site whenever I need a little pick me up. All you need at home is a computer (preferably in an area where you can stretch out) and a yoga mat. They have a ton of online classes to choose from for all levels and interest. I particularly like Monica Morell’s “Fertility Yoga” if you are trying to conceive, and Mia Taylor’s Prenatal yoga. I believe that it’s about $20 a month to subscribe for unlimited use, which is about the cost of a class and a half at a local studio.

I do not think that the online resource should replace going to the yoga or fitness studio. There’s something really lovely about being surrounded my women and good lighting and NOT noticing all the dirt on your floor when you are doing your boat pose. But if it’s a toss up between Oprah and a quick yoga tune-up, I strongly suggest checking out what’s available online.

(Please note, that if you are in the Metro Boston area, Monica Morrell offers a Fertility yoga class that I have heard very good things about. here is her site!).


Today the Bear and I have been visited by a beautiful robin. As I write this she is facing me , just a few feet from my window. She’s the fattest bird I have ever seen. I’d like to believe that this is somehow GOOD FORTUNE and this pregnant, gorgeous bird is some baby omen. There’s only one problem, I was always taught that the beautifully colored birds were the MALES, festooned with such a banner of color so as to entice a mate. If this is true than my baby omen is simply an overweight male. Perhaps he’s extra fluffy with winter down. I’ll have to look this up, but it’s still so lovely to see them!

May you be blessed with good omens today!


PS.- SHE’S A GIRL! I just did come quick research on the American Robin. To learn more about these lovely gals’s visit Cornell Lab of Ornithology or Robin Facts and look for baby omens in your area!